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John Lance Whitman (Unknown-2014) is a British hacker, skilled mass murderer and gay porn hunter. He was the one of Professor Copperbottom's long-lost enemies in the second series of his adventures.

In real life, he was loosely based on Lloyd Cadena, a Filipino blogger.


He was a skilled mass murderer and hacker of some websites, including a gay porn website called He has killed more than twenty gay actors in the gay porn website.

He appears in the direct second series of Professor Copperbottom's lost adventures. In that time, he was wearing a protective goggles and body armor that protects him from the gay pornographers that he had battled against him.

In that time during his battles with Daniel Richter, a supernatural terrorist and bomb maker, he decided to kill more gay actors on that website. But at last, he was killed by Richter due to his mass murder acts against the two gay men on that website. Afterwards, he killed himself using a time bomb.


The Adventures of Professor Copperbottom[]

  • The Return of Daniel Richter
  • The Terror from Beyond
  • The Animus Project