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Jacques van der Westhuizen (born 11 July 1984, Perth, Western Australia) is a Belgian Australian film and television actor, comedian, director and television show host The Jacques van der Westhuizen Show, who hosted the show, a television show aired in National Geographic Channel in the United States and France 24 in France.

He was also John Smith's long-lost friend during the second series of his adventures.


Early Years[]

Jacques van der Westhuizen was born and raised from a Flemish family, now living in SydneyAustralia. When he was only ten years old, he was looking at his favorite show Doctor Who. Afterwards, he was looking at the Australian Museum. During his later years, he was noticed to know about these dinosaurs.


The Adventures of Professor Copperbottom[]

  • Project Sirius
  • Professor Copperbottom vs. The Elite