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F. Thomas Hardwell (August 15, 1991-March 22, 2013) is an American novelist and explorer who was an expert almost of young adult fiction. He started to live any life of many adventures for many years.


Early life[]

F. Thomas Hardwell was born Frederick Thomas Granger Hardwell on August 15, 1991 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his parents: Nicholas Hardwell, a talented writer of science-fiction novels and Anne-Marie Granger, a talented actress and model.

At the age of 6, he finished his first novel, The Interest in 1997. His first novel was announced that it would be the first installment in the Young Macabre trilogy, a three-part series of postmodern fiction stories about a teenage girl detective who finds the way out of the antagonistic dicator's lair. This was followed by its sequels: The Magistrate (1998) and The Catalyst (1999).

In 2003, he wrote the realistic fiction novel 9/11: The Worst Days of My Life, which was loosely based on the September 11 attacks that had been realized by the international terrorist Osama bin Laden.

Notable works[]

The Young Macabre trilogy (1997-1999)[]

  • 1. The Interest (1997)
  • 2. The Magistrate (1998)
  • 3. The Catalyst (1999)

Other works[]

  • 9/11: The Worst Days of My Life (2003)
  • The Secret Life of Professor Copperbottom (2004)
  • A Great Symphony (2007)
  • Battle Damn Nation (2009)

In popular culture[]

  • In the American television series Summertime, a novelist similar to F. Thomas Hardwell, who was a writer of science-fiction novels is also using a memory scanner while sleeping.